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Crossfit can be intimidating from an outsider's perspective, but from the moment I walked into Crossfit Immersion to honor my fallen brothers on Memorial Day this year, I felt welcomed and encouraged. There was no intimidation factor and everyone there was willing to help regardless of current physical fitness level. Thanks Crossfit Immersion for giving me a space do to the Murph Challenge this year!

  • James LaPorta

I began my journey with Crossfit immersion almost 3 yrs ago! At that time was already and Ironman Triathlete, but a slow, 45lb overweight one! Coach Brian worked with me and trained me hard! I gained muscle, strength, mobility, power and best of all lost that 45lbs. I became a fast Ironman Triathlete! I nailed my races since and continue to get better each season! The coaches are all amazing and know their stuff. This place and these coaches changed my life! I am 47 yrs old and in the best shape i have ever been in. I could have never dreamed I would be the way I am today. Its been life changing. The community and family of my fellow athletes encourage, support and inspire me to keep pushing, building and working towards my goals. I could never do what i do without crossfit! Thank you to all the athletes, great coaches and esp coach Brian!

  • Debbie Kautz Meitz

I did their NEW YOU challenge, I had never worked out before and I completely fell in love with crossfit, at CFI I have learned to trust myself, I have seen results really fast, all the coaches are really nice, they inspire me and make me want to get better, the classes are really fun and the energy is amazing! I thank the CFI team for making me fall in love with crossfit!

  • Lina Bejarano Rubio

Awesome place to work out. It's not your typical gym, this is a community of like minded people who all support each other. One hour class here will blow away any other time you spend in another gym. I'm in at 8:30am and out by 9:30am. Great way to start the day.

  • Stephen J. Engasser

I've been going to CrossFit Immersion for almost a year. After belond ginh to many different gyms in the past. CrossFit Immersion proves to be a unique experience. The intense workouts have become the highlught of my day. Never have i felt so invigorated about working out. CrossFit Immersion blends power lifting and cardio with an intensity that will leave you wanting more. A healthy addiction, a feeling of camaraderie and a powerful body are just some of the benefits you get from this kind of exercise. The coaches are top notch and pay careful attention to everyone. It is like having a personal training session and a group class at the same time. Crossfit Immersion is among the best experiences that I've discovered. I am thankful fo finding such a amazing place.

  • Neil Bass

I started my New You Challenge January 23, 2017 and lost 11 pounds and 4 inches! I'm now 6 months in and am addicted! The Coaches are so knowledgeable, friendly and really give you one-on-one coaching, which has served me well in some of these workouts. They never let me quit and at 54 years young, I'm so proud of myself! I've done my first handstand in my life! Don't think twice about joining. Like they say "if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you." Just do it!

  • Anamaria Manzano

So I was searching for a Crossfit in Coral Springs and while I found a few Groupons with spectacular deals, none were as close to home as this one. I visited a few and none impressed me. Some of them were a bit dirty if you ask me. So I finally visited Crossfit Immersion and they had no Groupon or deals, but they had a really good schedule of classes from morning to afternoon. That was enticing. Then they had a room for children and that was even more enticing. I then asked to try a class and they said you had to take an assessment and preview a class. In other words they would not let you join if you didn't really check out the workout and learn good form. I took the assessment and preview and I was very very pleased. My first two classes I missed and when I got there the coaches gave me each a one on one workout. Then I finally got my schedule together and every time I go, I feel like I had the most amazing challenging workout. The coaches make sure you're doing the workout correctly and continue to assess your form throughout the workout. The members are just as awesome too. Everytime I compete a workout, I get tons of support and motivation from other members. I get home and my classmates leave me awesome support and encouragement messages through the Wodify app. I love this place. It's very clean, everyone is friendly and if you are serious about working out and getting fit, you will certainly accomplish that goal here.

  • Ula Zucker Williams

As a mom who used to be an elite athlete that let life take ahold of my health I found this gym to be much less intimidating and nurturing than expected. The new to you program has been a life saver for me. The women who join the program are all in the same boat as me and with all the same goals. The coaches are the most reassuring, respectful people I have ever met. Please take the time to come and see what it's all about. Remember the hardest part of anything is getting started and for this all you have to do is walk in the door...how hard is that?

  • Sharyn Mish