Can I do CrossFit if I've never worked out or infrequently work out?

Yes. CrossFit is suitable for individuals of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. We adapt the intensity of routines to accommodate your experience and physical capabilities without letting you off the hook. Make no mistake: you will sweat. But you'll also feel like you're working with a personal trainer in the context of a fitness class where you're inspired and motivated by fellow CrossFitters.

Do you have membership age limits?

No. It doesn't matter whether you're 6 or 60, you can join if you're physically capable of exercise. We cater for everyone from kids to grandparents. In fact, some of our older members have said they've never felt better or more energized in their lives since becoming a CrossFitter.

Is CrossFit as hard and tough as it sounds?

CrossFit is a challenge—physically, mentally, and sometimes emotionally. Sure, it can be tough, but it's also satisfying and highly rewarding. The feeling of accomplishment you get after a workout is pretty addictive.

Does a CrossFit workout target all muscle groups?

During each CrossFit workout, you'll complete a variety of different movements that work out your whole body. Whether your goal is to improve your strength, increase your fitness level, lose weight, or boost your health, you'll see positive results towards your goals.

How long is a workout and what's included?

Workouts usually take less than an hour and include your WOD demonstration, warmup, workout, and cool-down stretching time.

What is the role of a CrossFit coach?

Besides demonstrating the workout movements and scaling the exercises to meet your current level of fitness, a coach will monitor you during the workout to correct your technique and ensure your safety.

How do I drop in at CrossFit Immersion?

We gladly welcome visitors from other boxes. Please call ahead on 954-341-8430 to check on available class times and let us know you're coming.

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