Our Coaches

Adam Nadler

Fitness has always played a big part in Adam's life, but when he was introduced to CrossFit in 2009 he instantly loved the challenging workouts and grassroots-style community. Leaning on his business acumen and passion for health and wellness, he formed CrossFit Immersion, the first CrossFit facility in the Coral Springs/Parkland area. Today, Adam works alongside his partners to grow CrossFit Immersion and continue to make it a special place. He is grateful to have the opportunity to share his love for the sport and create a community that excels in helping others reach their personal fitness goals.

Brian Montgomery

Born and raised in South Florida, Brian is a certified CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and the co-owner of CrossFit Immersion. He's been involved in fitness from a young age, playing high school sports at St. Thomas Aquinas. Although he has been an avid CrossFitter for the past eight years, he is constantly looking for new challenges that will push him past his fitness barriers. As a result, he has certification in multiple CrossFit disciplines, including endurance, gymnastics, kettlebell training, kids CrossFit, and weightlifting. He also holds a judges certificate. Brian firmly believes that if we invest time and energy into staying healthy, it has the power to make other facets of our lives incrementally better.

Rachel Locker

After having two children less than three years apart, Rachel joined CrossFit in 2011 as a means to lose her baby weight and get back in shape. The incredible boost in confidence and the results she experienced in CrossFit motivated her to become a Level 1 certified CrossFit coach so that she could help others reach their fitness goals. She eventually went on to receive her CrossFit Kids certification in 2013 and developed a CrossFit Kids program as a way to share her love for fitness and nutrition with children. Besides training adults and kids in CrossFit, she is also an elementary school teacher and an ambassador for the charity, The Tales of Reese, coordinating CrossFit events for the families of children diagnosed with serious illnesses.

Brittany Uribe

An enthusiastic and driven athlete who grew up thriving in triathlon and endurance events, Brittany discovered the benefits of CrossFit in 2013 and has been hooked ever since. Besides becoming a dedicated CrossFit Immersion coach, she graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor's degree in Family and Child Sciences. She now works to help children in need stay on track with proper nutrition. In 2016, she earned a spot at the CrossFit Atlantic Regionals to compete alongside some of the top female athletes in the region. Along with her dedication to CrossFit, Brittany effortlessly manages to balance the role of motherhood. She is truly a prime example of making dreams come true.

Fausto "Tino" Villarroel

A Palm Beach County Fire Rescue firefighter and paramedic, Fausto was born and raised in Oakland California and has been involved in athletics his entire life. Known as Coach Tino around the gym, his experiences range from collegiate soccer and basic fitness instruction to the modern Japanese martial art known as Aikido. Fausto was immediately drawn to CrossFit after being introduced to it in 2007 as it was radically different from anything he had previously done. Strongly agreeing with the emphasis on proper form and mechanics, and eager to coach others while positively impacting their lives, he completed his Level 1 CrossFit certification in 2008 and has since gone on to complete additional certifications for Level 2, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Powerlifting, CrossFit Kettle Bell, and more.

Lori Colston

Also known as Lil Miss, Lori was very active during her childhood and college years, participating in all types of sports including dancing and softball. In late 2010, she took part in her first WOD and has been in love with the sport of fitness ever since. She is a Level 2 certified CrossFit trainer, as well as a certified CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting trainer. Grateful to be part of the wonderful community at CrossFit Immersion, she finds motivating and encouraging others to obtain their health fitness goals highly rewarding. Thanks to CrossFit, she is now faster, stronger, and fitter than she was at twenty. Lori credits many of her successes as an athlete and coach to the amazing teammates and coaches that believed in her and encouraged her to do the things she never thought possible.

Jennifer Hill

A life-long health and fitness fanatic, Jennifer Hill's perception of fitness changed when she discovered CrossFit seven years ago. The strength and confidence she witnessed in other participants inspired her to become a CrossFit member and competitor, and then eventually a CrossFit Immersion coach. Besides obtaining her CrossFit Level 1 certification, she holds certifications in several other disciplines including step aerobics, kettle bell training, boot camps, and TRX classes. Among her greatest fitness accomplishments are making CrossFit Regionals twice and placing in local competitions. At 50, she's in the best shape her life and able to do exercises she never dreamed possible. She highly recommends CrossFit to anyone who wants to boost their confidence, increase strength, and meet fitness goals.

Adam Kraemer

Fitness has been a part of Adam's life since he was 6. He was involved in sports from a very young age and was fortunate enough to play Division 1 soccer for UCF. There were certain pieces of sports Adam missed when his collegiate career came to an end: the training, the drive to want to get better, the comradery, and the structure that sports brought to his life. When he started Crossfit, he found these pieces again. Roughly three years ago, Adam started Crossfit and instantly "drank the kool aid;" he left LA Fitness and never looked back. Training again became a big part of his life and provided him with stability at a time he needed it most. Crossfit not only allows him to stay physically fit, it helped increase his mental strength and allowed him to transfer his work ethic during training to other aspects of his life.

Bruce Boddie

Looking for a way to break the monotony of the typical gym routine, Bruce was searching for alternatives that would take him to the next level of mental and physical fitness when he came across CrossFit in 2008. After his first WOD, which was both exhausting and humbling, he was addicted. In 2010, he received his Level 1 CrossFit certification and then went on to gain certification in CrossFit Gymnastics and CrossFit Football. With fitness and healthy living being a big part of his family values, he regularly works out with his yoga instructor wife and their two kids. Bruce's words to live by: "Strong people are hard to kill and a lot more useful in general.

Tonja Evans

Always looking for new and competitive sports with a skilled edge of fitness, Tonja fell in love with CrossFit after a friend introduced her to it in 2010. Although she has been running track and competing in martial arts since a young age, she was instantly drawn to the mental and physical challenges CrossFit offers. After seeing its positive impact on her life, she decided to obtain her CrossFit Level 1 Certification and began coaching in 2012. Her passion for living a healthy lifestyle and staying in shape inspires her to help others find their path to fitness and health. During her downtime, you'll find Tonja competing in half marathons and sprint triathlons, as well as skydiving just for the rush of it.

Joanna Magaldo

A first grade teacher and Level 1 Certified CrossFit coach, Joanna has always maintained a healthy and athletic lifestyle. She started her journey at CrossFit Immersion in 2010 and eventually began searching for a challenge that would take her out of her comfort zone and push her beyond her limits. After her first WOD, she knew she had found the life-changing program she had been looking for and quickly became hooked. Inspired by the great athletes and coaches around her, Joanna was excited for the opportunity to give back and motivate others. Today, she combines her skills as a teacher with her passion for fitness by helping people achieve their health and fitness goals and encouraging them to aim high.