The wealth of fitness knowledge and training experience inside the walls of CrossFit Immersion is unparalleled. Our coaches cater your workouts and movements specifically to your current abilities allowing you to grow and progress safely and consistently.


Adam Nadler

Fitness has always played a big part in Adam's life, but when he was introduced to CrossFit in 2009 he instantly loved the challenging workouts and grassroots-style community. Leaning on his business acumen and passion for health and wellness, he formed CrossFit Immersion, the first CrossFit facility in the Coral Springs/Parkland area. Today, Adam works alongside his partners to grow CrossFit Immersion and continue to make it a special place. He is grateful to have the opportunity to share his love for the sport and create a community that excels in helping others reach their personal fitness goals.


Rachel Locker

After having two children less than three years apart, Rachel started CrossFit in 2011 to get back in “pre-baby” shape. The incredible boost in confidence and the results she experienced in the first year, motivated her to become a Level 1 certified CrossFit coach, so that she could help others reach their fitness goals. She received her CrossFit Kids certification in 2013 and her CrossFit Level 2 certification in 2018. Rachel developed a CrossFit Kids program as a way to share her love of fitness and nutrition with children. She believes that fitness is a lifelong journey, and having the support of a community that shares similar goals is one of the most amazing things about CrossFit. Rachel is proud to be a part of the CFI community and enjoys helping people reach their fitness goals and experience the benefits of a happy, active, and healthy life.


Brian Montgomery

Born and raised in South Florida, Brian is a certified CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and the co-owner of CrossFit Immersion. He's been involved in fitness from a young age, playing high school sports at St. Thomas Aquinas. Although he has been an avid CrossFitter for the past eight years, he is constantly looking for new challenges that will push him past his fitness barriers. As a result, he has certification in multiple CrossFit disciplines, including endurance, gymnastics, kettlebell training, kids CrossFit, and weightlifting. He also holds a judges certificate. Brian firmly believes that if we invest time and energy into staying healthy, it has the power to make other facets of our lives incrementally better.


Brittany Uribe

An enthusiastic and driven athlete who grew up thriving in triathlon and endurance events, Brittany discovered the benefits of CrossFit in 2013 and has been hooked ever since. Besides becoming a dedicated CrossFit Immersion coach, she graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor's degree in Family and Child Sciences. She now works to help children in need stay on track with proper nutrition. In 2016, she earned a spot at the CrossFit Atlantic Regionals to compete alongside some of the top female athletes in the region. Along with her dedication to CrossFit, Brittany effortlessly manages to balance the role of motherhood. She is truly a prime example of making dreams come true.


Josh Whitlatch

Owner of Just Work Athletics, based out of Coral Springs, FL. Kinesiology Degree from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Following college, he began a coaching career as a Varsity Basketball coach, and transitioned to one-on-one coaching in 2015. 

Specializes in Personal Training - Athletic Performance - Weight Loss - Nutrition - Group Fitness and Bootcamps throughout South Florida. 

Currently ranked as the #1 Speed and Agility Coach for the state of Florida*

Josh resides in Coral Springs with his wife, Mariel, and daughter, Penelope. When not breaking a sweat or coaching, He enjoys being outdoors. Concerts, the beach, Disney World, you name it. I am an avid sports memorabilia collector and love attending athletic events nationwide. 

“Accept what is, let go of what was, have faith in what will be”


Tania Régistre

Crossfit has been the catalyst that has remarkably changed Tania’s life. Tania has not always been an athlete. She did not play sports growing up and eventually, her lack of exercise and poor eating habits caught up to her. After she graduated college, she found her weight was the highest it had ever been. She became desperate to not only lose the weight, but to get in the best shape of her life. She joined and consistently attended the neighborhood gym for a couple of years, but after the initial results, she could not attain the discernible outcome she strived for. To put it simply, she plateaued. In 2014, she was introduced to CrossFit and was instantly hooked to its constantly varied, functional movements and the diversity of the workouts. There she discovered her inner and outer strength. In March 2015, Tania joined the CFI team and never looked back. Immersion created a family dynamic that is inspirational, encouraging and fun.  Crossfit helped Tania develop her full potential in such a positive and dedicated way, which is why she’s very passionate about passing it on to others. Training and competing became an intense passion but coaching has taken that passion to a new level. Helping members overcome self-doubt or teaching a new member the correct form has been exceptionally rewarding.  Her passion for coaching comes from witnessing the internal and external changes that are achieved to anyone willing. Moreover, the program is applicable to individuals at any stage of life, no matter their age or current physical condition and fitness level. She is grateful for the opportunity to help others improve their overall health and fitness and she values the opportunity to learn and grow as a coach. 


James Caldwell

James coaches boot camp at Immersion Fitness. He has a background in boxing, kickboxing, and advanced calisthenics. He enjoys helping people reach their personal fitness goals in the quickest and safest way possible while having fun and by helping them acclimate to a more healthy and active lifestyle. Certified and highly recommended by the World Fitness Association, James is comfortable working with all age groups and fitness levels.