About Crossfit Immersion

We are a community

We are a CrossFit community that challenges ourselves and encourages others. Our goal is to improve the lives, health, and happiness of our members.

A different type of training

When you walk into our box, you'll find a facility stripped bare of shiny machinery, confidence destroying mirrors, and your typical workout misery. That's because we believe in raw, high-energy workouts that eliminate distractions and give our members variety. The gritty, industrial look and underground feel have been created for a reason: if you come to our facility, you come to sweat.

Our humble beginnings

In 2009 we opened CrossFit Immersion-the first affiliate in the Coral Springs/Parkland area. We have created a CrossFit community that is focused on identifying goals, encouraging progress and making people better. With some of the most experienced and knowledgeable CrossFit coaches on our team, we've since had to relocate and move to a bigger facility in order to accommodate our growing clientele.

Join a diverse community of movers and change makers

Focused. Fearless. Committed. Driven. Unstoppable. Feisty. Relentless.

These are just some of the adjectives we'd use to describe the awesome people who work out at our box every day. From elite athletes, special forces, firefighters, police officers, doctors, and dentists to business executives, school teachers, secretaries, stay-at- home-moms, retired grandparents, and young students, CrossFit Immersion is teeming with a community of driven individuals who are as eager to cheer each other on as they are to get together for a night out.

Knowing that a gym is only as strong as the community that supports it, we are committed to providing world-class coaching, programming and customer service. We've made it our mission to foster an inviting environment and culture that inspires CrossFitters to show up, work hard, and be accountable. And it shows in the friendships that have been forged, in the relationships that have been established, and in the business partnerships that have been started.

With a focus on improving performance rather than how many pounds you've lost this week, you'll quickly find CrossFit Immersion a judgment-free zone. Even the best CrossFitters are constantly working on their weaknesses, so you're in good company if you feel out of your depth. This is not just a place for elite athletes. This is a place for people who are determined to improve their fitness and wellness. Although our members may have different goals, interests, and ability levels, we strive to form one community.

If you're looking for a new way of doing things – if you're looking for a community and gym that you can be proud of, then look no further.