Membership Agreement Form

Membership Agreement

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  • 1. Terms and Conditions

    By signing this agreement, I (the “client” and “undersigned”) understand that I will be entering into a legally enforceable agreement with CrossFit Immersion(all associated CrossFit Immersion Facilities) (CrossFit Immersion or “you”) as follows: Please enroll me in the program I have selected and, subject to CrossFit Immersion’s Guarantee; I agree to pay your fees as indicated. I understand that the terms and conditions of this Agreement will govern all aspects of my participation in each Class I take and the fee arrangements I elect to make. I also agree to comply with the policies and procedures that you and your instructors may from time-to-time communicate to me.
  • 2. CrossFit Immersion's Guarantee

    CrossFit Immersion understands that its Services often need to be experienced to be fully appreciated. CrossFit Immersion also understands that the Program will not be right for everyone. Accordingly, CrossFit Immersion provides the following Limited Guarantee of Satisfaction: If I decide, for any reason, that I do not wish to continue the Program, I understand that, provided I give you prompt written Notice within 3 business days following the first Class I attend of my decision, I will receive a full, unconditional, refund. I agree to provide this written notice in accordance with the “ENROLLMENT CHANGES OR CANCELLATION” section of this Agreement. I acknowledge that my right to terminate this Agreement and receive a refund will be deemed waived if I attend a second Class, that it can only be invoked for the first Class I enroll in, and that it cannot thereafter be exercised for any future Class in which I may enroll.
  • I understand that I must choose from one of the three enrollment options listed above: Client agrees to the membership fee by initialing one of the following:
  • 4. Payment Options and Automatic Renewal

    I agree that my payments will be made by credit card or bank draft authorizations, unless otherwise negotiated in writing with management. I further agree that, unless I have provide you with prior written Notice as stipulated in the Enrollment Changes or Cancellation Section of this Agreement, my enrollment options will be automatically renewed. In the absence of my providing you with a cancellation Notice, I agree to pay the applicable fee and authorize you to debit my credit or debit card or checking account, on accordance with my prior authorization. I understand that with fourteen days prior written Notice to me, you may increase your fee schedule effective as of the next Calendar Month or Term for which I become enrolled. The obligation to pay dues is not dependent on the availability of all the CrossFit Immersion’s facilities. Special engagements, repairs and maintenance of some facilities may make it necessary for CrossFit Immersion to restrict use of, or close, one or more of the facilities. Fees will not be reduced or suspended during the time when one or more of the facilities are not available. Monthly renewing clients may cancel memberships by notifying CrossFit Immersion personnel of his/her wish to cancel over the phone or in person any time during business hours prior to the first day of the month to be cancelled. There are no refunds for membership fees and the CrossFit Immersion will not prorate a cancelled membership.
  • 5. Enrollment Changes or Cancellation - Three-Day Right of Recession

    New members have 3 days, exclusive of holidays and weekends, after signing this agreement to cancel their membership without penalty upon the mailing or delivery of written notice to CrossFit Immersion. If the Agreement is cancelled within 3 days, CrossFit Immersion will refund upon such notice all moneys paid under the contract, except that CrossFit Immersion may retain an amount computed by dividing the number of occasions CrossFit Immersion services are to be rendered into the total contract price and multiplying the result by the number of complete days that have passed since the making of the contract or, if appropriate, by the number of occasions that CrossFit Immersion services have been rendered. A refund shall be issued within 30 days after receipt of the notice of cancellation made within the 3-day provision.