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There's a reason Special Forces, firefighters, and elite athletes choose CrossFit as their workout of choice. Modern gyms fail today's unfit, overweight society: daytime TV during treadmill runs, contraptions that look like instruments of torture, mindless repetitions on weight machines, unimaginative workout routines, and zero accountability. It's time to get ruthlessly aggressive and uncompromising in the pursuit of your health and fitness goals. It's time to embrace traditional ideas—to dig up that primal fierceness that's ready to go all-out for an all-consuming workout.

At CrossFit Immersion, we work hard and play even harder. Our gym offers a grassroots exercise culture that lets you take your power back and turn your body into the best version of itself. With our professional coaches leading the way, it's not about how good you are. It's about how bad you want it. Quit telling yourself you are going to get in shape before you start training CrossFit, let us help.

Metcon ()
800m Run Buy In
8 Rounds Of
8 Deadlifts 115/85
8 Hang Power Cleans
8 Air Squats
8 Pull Ups
8 Toes To Bar
8 Push Press 115/85
8 Back Squats 115/85
800m Run Buy Out

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These are your coaches—the people who will train you to stop making excuses and start holding yourself accountable. They'll help you push harder, risk more, and take you to a level of endurance, strength, and power you never thought possible. Our bodies are capable of so much more than we give them credit for—sometimes, we just need a trustworthy peer working alongside us to see that.

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